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Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis breaking up? NO!

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For the past few months, a rumeur has been going on radio, TV, internet and all saying that Vanessa and Johnny are broke up. Have they really? There’s a possibility they have but I doubt it.

There are the folowing points to consider:

- We have not seen them at a premiere or something together since a while.

- They don’t talk about each other in interviews and stuff.


She said (in french): « Vous savez, dès que je mange trois petits pois, je suis enceinte. Dès que je vais visiter une ville, j’achète une maison. L’hiver je me sépare, l’été je me marie… Ça fait quinze ans que je me marie tous les ans. Et en plus, je dois répondre à ces rumeurs ! » (you know, each time I eat a little people say I’m pregnant, each time I visit a city, they say I’m buying a house, each winter, they say I’m breaking up and during the summer, I’m getting married! I’ve been getting married every year since 15 years now. And, I have to answer to rumors!)

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