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Welcome to my hero’s world! – By corrie3shooter

Who’s Johnny Depp?

In my opinion, Johnny Depp is most beautiful and talented man of his generation. He is constantly working against showing his beauty but it is unfortunately the only thing he doesn’t succeed in, and never will. Even if you don’t admit Johnny’s incredibly good looking, you cannot deny he’s the most gifted actor alive.

No other actor has a variety of characters as his. Not only the characters he’s best known for, but all those he did just for his own reasons and didn’t do a massive box office. His real life « character » is definitly the best of all, and the way he behaves with his girl (Vanessa Paradis) and his kids is incredibly adorable.

Johnny Depp’s everything but superficial, instead, I would say he’s very deep. I believe no one but his friends really knows who he truly is. He also has the best gift an actor could ever have, he doesn’t care about what people think of him.

By Corrie Shooter (14 years old, French)


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  1. lucieeeee dit :

    Ma petit chouuuuuuu!!!!! j’adore ton blog!!!!

    haha i now you are obsessed but this is a new levelllllllll…………… haha i love you

  2. Sophie dit :

    Who are you? i have never met you before. i am friends with his old bodyguard Alistar! He is super hot ( johnny not alistar!) but i think you are too obsessed and need to get a life! im joking i love you even tho ive never met you!……. and i have never lived with you EVER! People that read this… ( although i dont think anyone will) I DONT KNOW HER!
    from your great roomate Sophie

  3. its me (SUZY) dit :

    hi i told u that i would rite on this and will every day (mabye). u no that u r seriously obbsessed rite?- but then again wot is the point in life if u r not obbsesed with johnny depp. sophie if u read this – THRUST(love from your old(well younger than you)chemistry buddy Suzy Chemstudent)
    seey a u no now u have 11 visitors i wonder if i no any of them? bye from de cracker buddy-ill rite sooon

  4. yeah thanks 4 keepin ur promise suzie! am actually quite proud of my website! it has only been on 4 3 days n already hav 11 visitors!! bye cracker buddy!

  5. BOB dit :

    HIIIIII CORRIE this is me,
    i am everywhere.
    its the hat!!!!!!
    the hat the hat the hat the hat the hat
    the scarcrow hat on your voodoo doll!!!
    oh well close enough!!! ill rite to night in prep
    hav fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Char dit :

    Hi! i lov johnny depp and everything but why would you creat a website about him it is cool and how do you creat a website??!!

  7. its me (SUZY) dit :

    i am still riting and now you hav 20 visitors it is so cool. i will keep in touch if you still hav this website in france. good tennis playing today-laurie, elizabeth and margaret or as u prefer mango. friday routine and cracker and games budddy signning off noww as usual i will try to rite tomorrow. by the wy r u going on the art trip mente? later gater

  8. its me (SUZY) dit :

    hey you have added to the pages you now hav something on there that looks like it may talk all about his tattoos

  9. clo dit :

    le site est trop cool,les photo trop styler et les couleur d’enfer!Ton site est super la biographie interesante et en total je donne le note de 98 sur 100 pour avoir presque que rien copier!

  10. corrie3shooter dit :

    ya im goin 2 the art trip louise! and george was MARGE as she hated it!
    i no it took me ages 2 do the tattoo page coz i wrote it all myself! keep in touch me tenis/rounders buddy!

  11. lucieeeee dit :

    Ma petit chouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
    i cant belive you have so many views !!!!!!! its amazing and awesomeeeeee !!!!! haha j’adore tu !!!!!!

  12. its me (SUZY) dit :

    i cant beleive youre gone, sorry i didnt say bye. u now hav 27 visitors. your website is so cool and i will miss you when we get back to school on monday but corrie……………….YOU ARE FREE TO GO HOME TO FRANCE AWAY FROM US i bet yor sooooooooooo exited mabye your already in france bu then again mabye not. talk later tennis/rounders/cracker buddy PS just so you no i will still be doing the friday routine all by myself, alone, lonley, all alone.

  13. its me (SUZY) dit :

    hey i just wrote tons of stuff and then wen i posted it it didnt come up please help me corrie i am so confused

  14. its me (SUZY) dit :

    it just happened again oh

  15. bob dit :

    YAY 31 visitors!!!

  16. bob dit :

    32 PEOPLE YAY go you!!!!!!

  17. its me (SUZY) dit :

    well hi again, i dont no if you can see this seen as your in france but i dont no if you have repliedto me because i cant see anything but i am still riting weather u can see it or not

  18. its me (SUZY) dit :

    im back.!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont hav much time to right but its summer woooohoooo hav i already told u probably oh well i dont hav anything else to say so byyyyyeeeeeee ill rite soon!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. its me (SUZY) dit :

    from de cracker buddy

  20. the awesome one!! hehe dit :

    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllooooo! wow 52 peeps thats gr8 and im the 53rd!!! yays!! its looking good now! whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this is awesome!!!

  21. Lewis Aragundi dit :

    Nice blog! Many thanks for creating it. Keep working that way.

  22. SUZY dit :

    you have 9008 visitors corrie woohoo!!!!!!
    from de cracker buddy

  23. i love hollywood dit :

    Very informative post about Johnny Depp and actually I’m proud to be one of his million fans.

  24. Lucieee dit :

    Ma petit Chou!!!
    I was just messing around on Facebook when I came across this link!!! Haha your website is sooo cool! And 13122 people have been on this page!!! Ahhh that’s sooo cool :)
    See you soon! :) xx

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